Welcome to TAEA Studios

putting glow powder into a guitar neck and guitar knobs
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apple tree with deep snow and Tibetan prayer flags

Who is TAEA Studios?

We are a gaggle of artists, singers, musicians, poets, engineers & closet scientists dedicated to pushing the bounds of art and technology as it is specifically geared toward transforming neumenon — or the unperceived — into phenomenon.

Anzuik guitar in black

What We Do

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As a team, we not only consider music as the seat to the soul but, we are also musicians. 

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As artists and musicians, we have created a new canvas for unique artwork that just happens to play and, also sounds amazing. 

CYMK colors used in printing and design

Art & Design

As visual artists, TAEA Studios creates our own unique art masterpieces… whether on guitar’s or any canvas we see as an opportunity.

scientist with beaker


Check out our blog where we discuss the in’s and out’s of what we do and answer community questions. 

Escher³ Music

Browse our playlists that encompass many genre’s of music.


Our Team

Corinne Jordan

Corinne Jordan

CEO, Artist & Mad Science

Robbie Neiman

Robbie Neiman

COO, Musician & Designer

Ken Le Brun

Ken Le Brun

CTO, Musician, Artist & Engineer

paint in many colors with paint brushes

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