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Early in my life I spent most of my time immersed in nature among the misty mountains of southern Oregon. I felt the most safe and at home in wild because of my insatiable curiosity with the natural world. In other-words, some children are born with a curiosity and need to absorb the answers their busy minds have questions for and I was definitely one of them. I was one of those kids that took every toy he ever received apart and built something else with it.

The moment I turned 18, I was at the Airforce recruiter’s office looking for my way off this planet… As fate would have it, I was to spend the next 16 years of my life in two wars and working a high level technical assignment for the DoD. I may have not found my way off this rock but I did gain a whole lot of experience and knowledge in my career about energy and frequencies. Whether via sonic, electro-magnetic, or light spectrums I began to notice things in science that pointed to a reality not perceived with the eyes but integral in every fiber of the material world.

My innate attraction to the beauty of nature led me to explore my artistic side. I have honed my skills as a painter, 3D Modeler, musician, sculptor, and inventor to a level where I’m not afraid to try and make or create anything. Given my background in frequency science, it is my ultimate goal to create an accurate visualization of the fabric of nature in real time via light, sound, and/or any other form of energy at our disposal. Thus bringing the noumenon (unseen) into the realm of the seen as Phinomenon.



  • Cymatis Anzuik
  • Ferro-Fluid Anzuik
  • Eye-Of-God Anzuik
  • Ferro Fluid Pickup 
  • G-nob (Gnobs) 🙂 
  • 3D Modeling
  • 3D Animation
Ken on a tractor

3D Technical Illustration

picture of guitar named Anzuik Blue Jupiter

Cymatis Guitars

3D Animation

Commision Art

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